How to Plan a Retirement Party

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A retirement party is an event to celebrate a coworker’s career and achievements. It is a great opportunity to show appreciation in a fun and respectful way. Similarly to any other party, there’s a ton involved in planning a party to present an individuals accomplishments. Whether it’s a party for your spouse, parent, friend or colleague, make your life easier, plan a retirement party with Phillips Celebrations. We’ll assist in keeping you organized and guests informed and involved in all the details of the event.

Here are a some good ideas on how to plan a retirement party that the retiree will remember forever:

Establish a budget

Establishing a budget for the retirement party should be one of the first planning steps. It should take into account venue, food, decor, entertainment and a nice gift. Your budget will determine the number of guests you can invite and the price per ticket if you are selling tickets to the party. Your retirement party planner will help you keep track of all your expenses, when to make bookings and when payments are due.

Select a location

The party can be held at the office, at someone’s home, in a restaurant, hotel, club, art gallery, or casino. Your budget, how many guests, when the event will take place (day or evening,) and what time of year all need to be taken into account. You should also consider the preferences of the retiree, whether they want a big or small or traditional event. To choose the best location, you should ask co-workers for their suggestions.

Create a guest list

You’ll need to decide who and how many people to invite to the party. Do you want an employee only event or one that includes close friends and family? Your budget will help determine the number of guests you can have.

Choose a theme

Themed parties are always a lot of fun and should reflect the retirees character, career, interests or hobbies. The type of theme can be determined by co-workers using an online poll. A theme will establish the decor, invitation design, dress code, music and entertainment at the retirement party.

Send out invitation online

Inviting guests to your retirement party by email is simple, it also saves time and money. The invitation should specify the location, time, date, purpose of the event, and how to RSVP. The invitation can direct guests to the party website where they can learn more about the details of the event. This can include directions, parking instruction, travelers information and about any special guests.

Ticket purchase online

If you choose to plan a retirement party that requires tickets to be sold, it will be convenient for guests to be able to purchased them online. It’s much easier to purchase tickets directly from a website, using their credit card. This is simpler than writing a check and mailing it in.

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Festive ambiance

You want to create a fun atmosphere for the party while at the same time really focusing on the guest of honor. Aside from balloons, banners and streamers, decorations should emphasize the retiree’s life, accomplishments, and interests. You can blow up photos of the retiree through the years and place them throughout the venue. Each table can have a centerpiece with a specific theme relating to a part of the retiree’s life or their hobbies.

Plan entertainment

Plan a retirement party that differs from other celebratory parties. You should still have music and hire a photographer to take pictures and video. Consider hiring a photographer, videographer or have a co-worker do it.) Photos and videos of the party can be uploaded onto the website for the retiree and guests to browse after the event.

Seeing as the party is centered on the person’s career, the entertainment should also focus on the retirees profession and accomplishments. Guests can make speeches sharing stories, experiences and what they’ve learned from the retiree. They can also offer toasts expressing how the retiree has impacted their lives. Having a roast is also always entertaining and a comical way to show admiration. The guest of honor may also want to make a speech expressing his gratitude to all those involved in helping make is professional career a success. All can be recorded and the videos can be uploaded on the website to remember all the kind words that were said at the party.

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Stay in touch

The website is an excellent way to foster communication before and after the party. It is a great way to make suggestions and share stories and photos. Guests and the retiree can visit the website even after the party and continue to correspond with one another as the website acts as a private communication hub. The website will help with sharing and recalling happy memories about the retirees career before and after the party. If you are planning a retirement party for a co-worker at your office, great! Visit Phillips Meetings & Events for on-site corporate planning options.

Planning your private party can be fun and easy. Event organizers nationwide trust Phillips Celebrations to plan their festivities. We offer a wide selection of entertainment services featuring DJ’s, magicians, musical acts, speakers, event planners, equipment rentals and everything in between. Our friendly team has everything you need to host an amazing event. Call (844) 454-3397 or select a location near you for more information.