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How to Host a Social Event Safely During the Pandemic

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Summer is a popular time for parties and get-togethers, but the party season will be a bit different this year. Now that many people have some immunity and COVID-19 rates are down, some people are completely comfortable gathering with family and friends in person, while others are not so comfortable. If you plan to host a social event you must also take into consideration the susceptibility of older loved ones to coronavirus, as well as others who may be vulnerable in other ways.

Fortunately, there are ways to gather safely in the wake of the pandemic, whether you do it in-person or virtually. In that spirit, here are some practical tips to keep in mind if you plan
to host a social event or holiday gathering this year.

Be Intentional About Who You Invite

Probably the toughest part of planning a social event during the COVID-19 pandemic is choosing who can and cannot come. After all, no one wants to turn down family members or close friends.
However, being careful with who you invite is essential to protecting everyone involved.

For instance, if someone has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is showing symptoms of the disease, or has been exposed to a positive case within the last 14 days, they probably shouldn’t come to your event. Moreover, Visiting Angels suggests that if seniors or those with underlying medical conditions want to attend the event, they should do so with caution.

Gather Virtually

You don’t have to host a social event in-person to enjoy friends and family this year. Take advantage of apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts to get people together from afar. These apps can also be used for those who cannot attend your in-person event. CNN points out there are many ways to make a live stream holiday event fun, such as holding a costume contest, playing games
digitally, having group discussions, sharing traditional family recipes, and blessing the food.

A virtual party is also a good idea when you plan a holiday party for work. Chances are, employees are already used to having meetings and working remotely. Whether it’s virtual or in-person (at the workplace), you can skip the high-priced venue and do it during the day. Also, keep it low-cost by nixing the booze and not overdoing it on decorations.

Opt for Outdoors (if Possible)

Though we are still learning about COVID-19 and probably will be for a long time, we know that the coronavirus doesn’t spread as rapidly in outdoor settings. If at all possible, keep your event outdoors. Colder weather may mean getting creative, like setting out space heaters or creating a DIY fire pit in your yard. There are beautiful designs that can make your outdoor space more usable and aesthetically pleasing throughout the year, and they don’t have to take more than a day to make.

Clean Your Home

If you plan to host a social event and inside is the only option, make sure your home is thoroughly decluttered, cleaned, and disinfected. Tidying up can only do so much. The important thing is killing the germs that hide in everyday spaces, like on counters, furniture, and appliances. You don’t want your guests worrying about what they can and cannot touch. It’s best to clean and disinfect as thoroughly as possible before and after your party.

Establish (and Encourage) Safety Precautions

If you plan to host a social event in-person this year, taking precautions is critical. Encourage everyone to stay at least one meter apart. One way to add some fun to the mix is to hold a contest for the best mask. Make sure people wash their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the event, particularly before and after preparing or eating food.

Streamline Dining

Another step you can take towards safety is to have one person serve pre-plated food to all of the guests, as opposed to offering buffet-style dining. Or you can prepare single-use containers of foods and treats for people to grab from a table. Be sure to furnish individually-packaged condiments and seasonings as well.

Just because it’s going to look different doesn’t mean that you can’t make this summer’s social season special. Remember to consider the tips listed here, and continue to research other ways that you can safely celebrate during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most important thing is that you take any necessary precautions to keep all of your loved ones and yourself safe.


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